Open current yaDIS, make sure everything is processed and exported. Take screen shots of all setup menus.


Please refer to the proper backup procedure.


  1. Download & install new yaDIS.
  2. After install, run yaDIS for the first time.  Set new empty workspace folder in desired location. You might have to rename the old workspace folder if the new one will be in the same location. Do not use your old workspace folder! It will erase the contents.
  3. Don’t do anything else.  Close yaDIS.
  4. Copy/paste old user.config file to new installation folder, overwriting the one in there. NOTE: you need to have already started yaDIS for this file to appear, so make sure you do #2 (above).
  5. Copy/paste old teplates folder to the new location. (if you have special/customized or added templates).
  6. Copy/paste the contents of old workspace folder to new workspace folder. Don’t delete old workspace folder ( keep it for backup).
  7. Copy/paste yaDIS export folder to new yadis export.
  8. Restart yaDIS.

It should all work.  Check out the setup menus and make sure everything is set.  These settings should have carried over when you copied over the old user.config file.

8. Reprocess everything and export.

If yaDIS fails to start

Problems can arise if your movie folders are on local drives and not on network shares, and the drives letters on your new machine have changed.  Open the user.config file (with notepad) and make sure all the paths for the locations are set properly.

If that still doesn’t work, uninstall/reinstall yadis. Start at #1 again but skip #4. You will need to configure the yaDIS setup menus manually. Refer to screenshots you took. You did take screenshots right?