Making sure the following files and folder are backed up frequently will ensure a successful backup in the event of a system crash.


I like to backup the following items however, the only item you absolutely need is the workspace folder.

  • The file “user.config” located here: C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\yaDIS\yaDIS.exe_Ur l_xxxxxx\  This file stores all the settings you made in the setup menus.  This file should not change if you do not make changes to yaDIS, therefore frequent backups are not necessary.  Although, I do it because I’m paranoid.
  • Workspace folder.  This is the most important thing to save.  Make frequent backups if your collection changes often.
  • yaDIS export folder (dune interface location).  Again, not entirely necessary.
  • Templates folder in C:\programs(x86)\yaDIS\templates (if you have special/customized or added templates).
  • I also like to backup the stock templates too in case I get an error customizing one, I can always go back to the stock template.  Or you can just get them again here.

Does yaDIS crash?

You bet.  Casual users might not experience a yaDIS crash, while those who like to tinker probably have.  When yaDIS freaks out it usually results in not being able to load.  Messing around with the xml files of your templates is a surefire way to experience a crash.  I have experienced a corruption of the user.config file (due to a Windows system error) which caused yaDIS not to load.

What do I do if yaDIS crashes?

Before you do anything, ask the members of AVSforum on the yaDIS thread.  Worst case scenario, you can reinstall yaDIS.  You did make backups of your workspace folder right? 🙂   yaDIS does have some weird quirks.  Make sure you are not experiencing a known bug.