Known bugs in yaDIS:

  1.  Saga Menu does not scroll.  When the saga menu reaches a certain height, clicking on the down arrow results in the entire list of sagas shifting down.
    Temporary solution:  use the down/left arrow keys to scroll down.
  2. Does not process all movies.  At times, when selecting all movies to process, yaDIS will only process about 5 movies.
    Temporary solution: just keep processing.

Feature Requests:

In the event that Fred or another talented individual revisits yaDIS, it would be great to have a list of feature requests to give them.

  1. Automatic Processing/Export.  Have yaDIS scan movie folders.  When it detects a new movie it processes and exports automatically.  This would eliminate the need to do it manually.  If possible, temporarily disable auto-scanning in case users are making changes to their collection.
  2. Add “Sort-by yaDIS menu” field to allow grouped titles to be listed together in the yaDIS movie list.  e.g.  Some trilogy movies are not named alphabetically (Meet the parents, Meet the Fockers, Little Fockers).  Adding a “Title for yaDIS sorting” would allow all three of these movies to be listed together in the yaDIS movie list.  Not to be confused with the “Title for sorting” field that already exists that alters the order in which the titles are display in the Dune movie wall.