yaDIS (yet another Dune Indexer and Skinner) is a movie index jukebox for use on various Dune media players.  It was developed by Fred L with the primary focus on providing a fast, light, and simple way to index and skin movies and tv shows.*

Main features :

  • Compatible with Dune, Mede8er and TViX media players
  • Movie and TV-show management
  • Handling of several source folders
  • Automatic scan of movies and tv shows (manual search available)
  • Movie/TV show information in 18 languages (depends on TMDb content)
  • Multi-part movie support
  • Detection of the technical information of your media
  • Manual editing of movie and tv show information
  • Manual editing of movie and tv show artworks
  • Index with 10 categories (recently added, genres, actors, directors, countries, years, …)
  • Manage a unique interface for all your media even they are distributed on several sources
  • Customizable Dune interface with template management
  • Launch your media on the Dune from yaDIS (requires a compatible firmware)
  • 18 languages available for program’s GUI.

The final release of yaDIS is version 2.3 and can be downloaded from here or here.


Support can be found on the dedicated yaDIS thread on avsforum.com.  yaDIS does have some weird quirks, make sure you are not experiencing a known bug.  At this time there are no plans to develop version 2.4. If this changes I will update this site (and throw a party).

*Excerpts from Mr. Eric, avsforum.com.